In the dynamic world of produce, we're a customer-focused wholesale produce and distribution center that is totally committed to your success.
We are constantly providing you with new, valuable services - like our new Active Orders system that allows you to order electronically, 24 hours a
day at your own convenience. We also provide you with our Market News newsletter. This newsletter offers up-to-date information to you and your
customers on a regular basis.

We specialize in serving grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and Government facilities with all their fresh fruit and vegetable needs.

Here at Islands West we provide only the best quality merchandise from local farmers and worldwide growers. We receive daily shipments to ensure
that our customers get the freshest produce. Our employees are trained to hand pick your product and deliver your order to you in a timely fashion.



 On-line Ordering
With our on-line ordering you are able to login and place your orders.



 Automated Faxes
Each week we provide all our customers with a complete product list. Included is a Special of the week sheet and the local Market Scope.



 Automated Email's
Our customers are able to enjoy our products list delivered to their email account. The email contains links to the week flyer and Market Scope. In addition
to viewing the products the link will also take you to our website where you can make your online order.